Social commerce

What is it and why is it a trend?

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Remember when you used social media just to talk to friends and share photos? In recent years these platforms have diversified and incorporated several new tools. One of the best known and used today, both by companies and customers, is the purchase and sale of products and services.

Social networks and online sales

Social commerce uses social networks as a sales channel and has allowed contemporary companies to reach more customers without having a physical store. They use these platforms to save on the shopping experience, offering products and services at a click.

Social networks are consolidated as an effective sales platform and serve to bring traffic to your traditional ecommerce. Combining the two channels is a widely used strategy to have a business with a powerful presence in the digital world.

Keys to creating a social commerce strategy

If you use social networks to communicate with your stakeholders but you have not yet used a social commerce strategy, keep these recommendations in mind:

• Choose the right social networks for your company

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest have all the necessary tools to sell online, but before choosing one, you should find out which is the best option to reach your target audience.

• Encourage conversation in your posts

The opinions of other people influence the purchase decision of your customers. Therefore, if other users comment on the product or service you offer, you will generate more trust.

Leave comments open and share copies that invite users to share their impressions.
Incorporate systems to value your products and make it visible.
It allows each product to be shared in a way on social networks and encourages users to share them.
Custom sale

Take advantage of all the benefits that these platforms offer you to offer a more personalized attention than in your traditional ecommerce.

You can do it through:

Referral programs
Influencers and micro influencers

Brands have long started to establish alliances with well-known people on social networks to promote their products. Through influencers or micro influencers (with less reach but better segmented) your customers know more about your brand, you generate more trust and your reputation improves.
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What are the advantages of social commerce?

  • You generate greater confidence in your potential clients.
    Your reputation increases and this can boost your sales.
    Improve the engagement of your profiles and you become more visible on social networks.
    You manage to differentiate yourself from other brands that have not yet incorporated a social commerce strategy.
    You diversify your strategies and generate greater growth in your sales.
    You can integrate customer service and provide faster service.

    Take advantage of the benefits that online platforms have to offer you: your customers will thank you!

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