Introducción al Branding

Your name is Viviana and you want to sell lamps. You have 120 wooden lamps in the exercise room that you carved while you were in quarantine. They are cute and ecological. Your neighbors just moved in and their house is empty. They need lamps. You have their phone, but you hardly know them. You are going to have to go, introduce yourself, tell them about your work, show them your lamps and explain why it would be better if they bought a lamp from you instead of going to any other store. If you also call before going, if when you arrive you pick up a piece of paper that was thrown in their yard, if you are well dressed and are nice, if you carry your lamp in a recyclable box, if you put a name to your design and tell them, how courtesy, that it is better to unplug the electrical appliances if there is a storm so that they do not burn, your neighbors will remember you as the nice girl with the beautiful ecological lamps.

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Eso es branding

They are the techniques and strategies aimed at developing a brand personality. They answer several questions:

Who is this company?

Apple is a good case of the impact that branding can have on the commercial results of a product or service. Apple is its sophisticated aesthetics, its specialized service and its product quality. It is innovation and design. With this personality, the brand conquered a niche of clients with great purchasing power. You created the ideal product for your ideal customer.

Another example is Starbucks. Aim for a young, proactive and modern audience. People who prefer a conventional environment do not go to Starbucks. The company knows this, but it does not care, because these people are not part of its audience. Starbucks is green, it’s fresh, it’s friendly, and it’s global. Interesting branding strategies of this company are the use of recyclable materials for its coffees, name labels on the glasses and innovative products.

If Viviana continues with her venture to sell lamps, she has to continue building an identity based on the values ​​of her lamps. They are cute, they are handmade, they are ecological, they are pleasant, they are warm. She can search for a name, design a logo, and focus on finding those people who get along with her brand.

Who wants to be friends with this company?

Finding your target audience is finding those people who want to be your friends. It is important to ask yourself:

Why would this person want to be my friend? Why do I want to be your friend?

Brands do things for their customers to earn their trust. This is called marketing actions. They define the personality of the brand by connecting with people who have values ​​similar to those of the company. Charitable foundations, brand actions to help the environment, sponsor sporting or cultural events or charity initiatives. This also works between two or more companies that decide to work together on co-branding when they have similar interests.

It also works the other way around.

LaCoste is a clothing brand that targets a high-net-worth, well-educated and sophisticated audience. In 2008, a popular music group from Argentina started using the brand, but LaCoste was not interested in being identified with them, so they paid a large amount of money for the group to stop wearing their clothes.

This is another example of a branding strategy. Define who you don’t want your friends to be.

What is Branding for?

  • Creating a strong brand personality will allow you to stand out from other brands.
  • Get the loyalty of your customers. A brand with a consistent and attractive identity gives your customers more confidence and builds long-term relationships that can withstand competitive offerings.
  • Have a direction to think of marketing strategies. Like a ship with a captain with clear objectives, a brand with a well-defined identity can save you a lot of time when it comes to thinking about possible marketing strategies. If you are clear about the interests of your brand and your audience, you will know in which direction to think.
  • A good branding job is aligned with the commercial objectives of the company and will help you when looking for new business opportunities. In general, if you want to enter the jewelry market, you will not create the same brand as to enter the video game market.

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